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91 Media specializes in ranking videos on Google. Creating a video that doesn’t get views is like filming a television commercial and then never putting in on the air…We’ve seen videos on YouTube that have been live for a year with less than 20 total views.  We can fix that.

Google owns YouTube and gives an advantage to ranking videos over regular websites.  They make money when their videos are played, so naturally they’d want their videos to be more visible when users do searches.  So, just like you can have SEO done on your website, we also offer SEO services on videos.  Having both your website and a video ranking on the 1st page of Google gives you more visibility and also prevents your competitors from earning a position on page one.

video ranking example

How do you get videos to rank higher?

Like typical SEO on a website, there are steps that you can take that will make YouTube and Google both want to show your video higher in the rankings.  The process is similar to ranking a website with some modifications to the process because we’re dealing with a video and not a website that has words and tags that we can modify.  Our system has been tried and tested and works very effectively at ranking videos on the first page of Google.

How quickly can I get first page video rankings?

Videos can rank very quickly.  Our fastest time for a somewhat competitive keyword was first page of Google in 30 minutes.  Typically, we tell our clients that they should give it 60 days.

Can you rank a video that’s already on YouTube?

The short answer is Yes, although it might be a bit more difficult and our options for the keywords we can target may be limited.  Like anything else, first impressions are everything.  If a video has been on YouTube for a while and doesn’t have many views, it might be more worth while to take it down and re-upload it as a new video.

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