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Search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a customized approach to moving a website up in the organic search engine rankings.  It involves a three-tiered approach to generate not only strong rankings, but also long-lasting results.  There is no magic wand,or pixie dust to achieve these results, but there are some tried and tested methods to provide stable and strong rankings.

To most easily explain SEO in plain terms, think back to your high school days, and pretend you’re the new kid in school walking in the school for the first time.  When the popular kid in school (Google) sees you, the first thing they’ll do is look at you to see how you look (on-page optimization).  Do you look good?  The next thing they’ll do is see how popular you are (off page optimization).  Do you have a lot of friends?  Are those friends popular?  They’ll also look at the type of friends you have (social media).  Are your friends the right kinds of friends?

89.47% of all Google search traffic is from organic links. -SEMPO

On-Site Optimization

Your site itself must look appealing to the search engines.  This is completely different than looking appealing to the human eye.  Search engines read content from billions of websites in a split second to determine which sites are the most relevant to the keyword search.  The way a website is structured and the way the content is written has a huge impact on where in the rankings a website will be listed.  To optimize a website, we will do a thorough analysis of dozens of on-page factors that the search engines look at and correct any errors that might reduce your ranking.  Videos embedded on your website also help drive search engine rankings.

What types of things do the search engines look at?

Many web designers tell their clients that they optimized their customers’ websites by optimizing their “keywords”.  Oddly enough, a website’s “keywords” aren’t even used as a factor in optimization by Google, and have little impact with Bing & Yahoo.  In fact, if they are done incorrectly, they can actually hurt a website’s ranking instead of help.  This is usually just a ploy by some web designers to attempt to build value in to what they are doing and in almost every case generates very little success getting ranked.

At 91 Media, we only use SEO tactics that the search engines deem important, and avoid using “black hat” tactics that can get your site downgraded.  There are many factors that the search engines do look at to determine how relevant any website is to the search that was performed.  As part of the on-page optimization we perform, some of the factors we will review and improve are site structure, title tags, headlines, and ALT tags.  When we complete the on page SEO, we will provide you a report that lists all the improvements we made.

89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. -Brafton

Off-Site SEO

The most important factor in getting ranked on the search engines is how popular your site is.  You achieve authority by gaining links from other sites pointing back to your site.  In addition, it isn’t just about how many links you have, it is also about which sites you have links from.  Links from some sites carry more weight with the search engines than others.  Some links can have no impact on rankings at all.  During the ongoing optimization process, we will build links to your site from many high popularity sites across the internet that will give the most impact possible.

For local search, the first step should be to make sure your business profile is listed correctly across the major search directories and mobile apps.  Listings that are not consistent can hamper the SEO process.  Doing this alone, may yield strong results and help reduce your ongoing expense.

53% of the organic search clicks go to the first link. – Search Engine Watch

Social Media

Building a buzz about your business on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. deepens your relevance.​​  As part of our SEO services, we may supplement your current social media campaign with some posts specifically designed with optimization in mind.

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75% of users never click past the first page. – Hubspot

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