On June 20, Google announced a new feature for Google My Business that allows users to create a short name for their Google My Business URL. Businesses can now personalize their Google My Business profile by claiming a short name that you can give to customers or add to business cards. This blog post will focus on how to claim a short name and why we believe it’ll be beneficial for your business; however, it is also important to note that Google announced a few other changes to Google My Business at the same time. Users can now personalize their business profile by adding a more prominent logo, cover photo, welcome offers, and promotions. If you missed all this cool stuff, you are not alone as Google has yet to widely publicize these new features. Because you are reading this blog, you’ll have leg up on the competition as you can be the first business owner in your area to claim a short name.

Before we show you how to claim your short name, it’s important to understand a few of the ins and outs of claiming your short name.  

  • A short name gives you the opportunity to create a more concise, easy-to-remember URL for your customers. 
  • Any verified Google My Business account can create a short name.

To claim your short name, sign in to your Google My Business account and then go to the left-hand side menu and click on the info tab; you will then be presented with an option to “add profile short name” where you see 91 Media below.

Now it is time to enter your short name. Keep in mind that short names can be no fewer than five characters and no longer than 32 characters in length. For this example, let’s say you selected the short name “kensbakery”; your short name URL would be “g.page/kensbakery”  and you could give that URL to potential clients, add it to stationery, business cards, etc.

We believe that short names will have a positive impact on your Google My Business impressions as it will make it easier for customers to find you and learn more about your business. It will also be easier for customers to read and leave reviews as short name URLs are easier to remember and type in. When your next customer comes in the store, be sure to give them your short URL when they tell you they had a great experience so they can leave you a good review. 

If you are not able to create a short name, feel free to call your digital marketing agency or web design company. If your website design company does not offer SEO services ask them to sign with an SEO reseller who can provide implementation services for your web designer. 

We hope this article was helpful, and we further hope that you will explore the additional new features mentioned above. Adding a cool cover photo or more prominent logo can help with the conversion rate of your Google My Business listing and give you another small edge over the competition who may not be a savvy as you. 

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