Video Ranking for a Dentist in Sunnyvale, TX

Feb 23, 2015 | Sunnyvale, TX, Texas, Video Ranking | 0 comments

Dentist Sunnyvale, TX


Dr Shatto is a Dentist in Sunnyvale, TX who, unknowingly, has 3 Youtube Channels.  Almost all of their videos had very little in the way of views.  After a year, some of videos had less than 10 views.  These videos could be used to drive brand recognition as well as business and traffic to his website.

To convince Dr. Shatto that we could improve their video rankings, we performed a small video SEO boost to one of his videos.  Within 2 days that video was #1 on a YT search for “dentist Sunnyvale, TX” and “dentist in Sunnyvale, TX”, ahead of all their other videos.  Within a week, the video was ranked #1 on a Google video search.  Within a month, the video was ranked on the second page of Google in an organic search.


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