Web Video Production

Embedding a video on your website makes your site come alive and captures a user’s attention.  Let us produce the slideshow or animated video for your business.  We’ll help you come up with an idea, put together a script, and publish a quality video to help you capture more customers.  We offer 3 types of videos to meet any need.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are simply still shot photos assembled with graphical effects applied.  These are probably the most common type of videos on the market and are great to showcase your work and help your customers visualize your products and services.  Combining quality images with an effective voice over and background music, these can be very effective at driving conversions.

Animated Videos

Animated text or characters help tell a story for your clients.  Through the movement of the words and characters, they engage the viewer and help keep them watching the video through until the end.  The longer views generate more opportunities to gain a new customer.  If you’re interested in the hand drawn type videos, white board videos are also a great option to help engage and captivate your audience.

Custom Video Production

For the client who is looking for something truly custom, we partner with some of the best video production companies on the market to bring you that truly high end product to wow your customers.

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