Pay Per Call Lead Generation

91 Media is a leader in pay per call local lead generation.  With clients all across the United States, we specialize in driving leads to small and medium sized businesses in service industries.

Pay per call lead generation is when an advertiser buys incoming calls from potential customers and only pays when they actually receive a call.  This type of pay for performance lead generation ensures that their advertising dollars are only spent when there is an actual opportunity to do business.  Because this is pay per call, and not pay per lead, the advertiser also doesn’t have to worry about checking email for leads because they are only paying for live calls to their business.

When a potential customer emails from a website or online lead generator, they know they may have to wait for a response.  When that opportunity comes in on the phone, they are usually much closer to the point of purchase and are looking to speak with someone immediately.

Why businesses choose 91 Media for their lead generation:

  • We only charge for real calls.  We don’t charge for telemarketers, and repeat calls.
  • We offer exclusive territories.  We won’t sell the same lead to your competition like other lead generation services.
  • At 91 Media, you aren’t just a number.  Because we work with only one business exclusively in an area, we build long term relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pay per call program for your business and how you can lock out your competition, call us at 214-662-6848

I’ve been using 91 Media for my advertising for several months now and my phone just keeps ringing.  When I started, I was working full time for another plumbing company and wanted to go off on my own.  91 Media made that possible.  They really know what they’re doing, are professional, honest, and readily available if you have questions.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to make their business grow.
Jonathan Wasden

Wasden Plumbing

The first month after partnering with them, our call numbers doubled and we haven’t taken advantage of everything they offer! Also, we have closed almost 90% of the calls we have received which also shows they are generating good quality leads. Receiving good leads has given me a great return on my investment. For every $1 I spend with 91 Media, I am getting over $10 back.
Bill Kasprzak

DFW Doors

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