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Anyone that’s been in business knows that generating business from existing customers is much less expensive than bringing in new customers.  Mobile apps are a great way to engage your customers, keep them coming back, and also give your customers an easy way to tell all of their friends how much they enjoy doing business with you! Over 87% of Americans have a smartphone.   With a mobile app, put your business at their fingertips.​

What uses would be good for a mobile app?

Types of businesses that could use a mobile app

While any company could have an app, those that focus and rely on repeat customers to thrive are the best.  Mobile apps are great for businesses to build loyalty and growth of repeat business.  Getting your app installed on a customer’s phone is the first step to growing your relationship with them.  By including some of the features below, you can build and environment that helps you get a better ROI by growing your repeat business as well as earning new customers.

Mobile Apps for Communities
Mobile Apps for Restaurants
Mobile Apps for Beauty Salons
Mobile Apps for HVAC Companies

Mobile Apps for Insurance Agencies
Mobile Apps for Bars
Mobile Apps for Chiropractors
Mobile Apps for Auto Repair Shops

Mobile Apps as Utilities

Not all mobile apps have to used as a marketing tool.  Many of them are used as utilities or tools to share information.  A well built utility app can be extremely useful depending on its application.

Mobile App Features

Here is sample of the types of functions that we build in to our mobile apps:

  • Loyalty Punch Cards – Keep your customers coming back by replacing old style paper punch cards with one in your app that doesn’t get lost.
  • Coupons – Your customers can carry your specials around with them everywhere they go.
  • UNLIMITED Push Notifications – Reach out to anyone who has your app installed as often as you want with promotions, holiday greetings, or any other type of message.
  • Photo Gallery –
  • ​Restaurant Menus – Add a static menu or offer online ordering!
  • Events calendar – Make sure your customers know when that next big event is taking place.
  • Social Media Integration – With social sharing, your customers will tell your friends about your business.
  • Click to Call
  • Maps
  • Submission to the Apple and Droid stores included.
  • and more!

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